Server Monitoring

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Monitoring your servers will reduce downtime while identifying areas that require attention.  Our server monitoring system will work efficiently to keep your web properties live and available..  A Tier 1 Support package is only $25 per month per server.

Our meaty cluster of servers utilize a Nagios application which allows us to monitor servers, services, and other web based devices from various geographic locations.

Our highly trained technicians monitor the system for alerts 24×7, 365 days a year to ensure a rapid response to service related issues.  If a service is down we will action the alerts to restore access and if the entire server or device is offline we will contact your Data Center to request a reboot on your behalf.

Discounted Monitor Pricing For Support Clients



1 – 20 Servers

$25 per month per server

21+ Servers

$20 per month per server


Server Monitor Pricing Without Outsourced Support



5 – 10 Servers

$50 per month per server

11 – 20 Servers

$45 per month per server

21+ Servers

$40 per month per server


Tier 2 Support

Tier 1 support happily provides solutions for most of your server related inquiries, special requests and certain tasks are still classified as billable work. If you have a custom job that requires our expertise we can help you schedule the time and staff to make major corrections, migrate your clients to new hosting platforms, or upgrade modules and components. Please contact your Account Manager or our Sales team to discuss the costs of particular jobs.

  • Flat Rate Tier 2 Billable work – $75 per hour of work
  • Free Quotes and Estimates on Billable Work

Why is Professional Server Monitoring Important?

Monitoring your servers on your own is expensive and time consuming. It requires a dedicated staff of experts, which will eat up your budget quickly. It’s almost impossible to compete in the hosting industry without professional server monitoring and the budget to support it.

However, outsourcing this important task to a company, such as SP.CM Network, will not only save you tons of cash, but will also save you time. The peace of mind you receive from our expert technicians will free your time and your mind to handle other important tasks, such as growing your business.

The benefits of server monitoring from Server Sitter are numerous. You won’t have to worry about customers getting frustrated with downtime or other technical issues because we keep these to an absolute minimum. Our team of experts will make sure every hosting account you handle receives the most uptime possible.

Benefits of Server Monitoring from SP.CM Network

 Letting somebody else monitor your servers will reduce the stress that comes with the responsibility of being the provider.  You will have access to an extra set of hands from anywhere in the world to deal with upgrades and maintenance.

Our team of specialists will give you a competitive advantage and will allow you to build your hosting company to the next level. The affordable prices we offer won’t strain your budget and you will always get the highest quality of server monitoring when you choose SP.CM Network.