You develop your business, we’ll deal with the hosting.

Website & Blog Hosting
Flexible solutions to keep your site running. Whether you need to host a simple blog, or prepare your website for unexpected (or expected!) traffic spikes, we’ll make sure your site stays up so you can continue to focus on your business.

Scale to your needs
Need to spin up servers quickly? You can provision new Cloud Servers in mere minutes with our speedy control panel, and equally you can spin them back down when you don’t need them.

Pay as you go
With Cloud Servers, you’ll only ever pay for what you use. No hidden charges. Being on the open cloud also means you’re not locked into long-term contracts with us-stay because you want to, not because you have to.

Serve content rapidly
Use as much or as little Cloud Files storage as you need, and your rich media content will be delivered worldwide at blazing fast speeds! Of course, you’ll only pay for what you use and nothing more.

Our Solutions

eCommerce Website Hosting
Keep the doors of your online store open. Secure, scalable and high-performance sites are critical to ensure that prospects are delighted and turn into buyers. Let us help by providing genuine support on a robust infrastructure, optimizing your site for eCommerce platforms like Marketer’s Platform.

Get a product that’s tailored to your business needs
Our Cloud hosting gives you maximum scalability, flexibility and cost savings, whilst the Dedicated options offer traditional and visualized options, providing data isolation, high performance and a managed security services portfolio. Alternately, connect the two with SPCM Network, our hybrid solution that provides the best of both worlds. Whatever you choose, we’ll handle your infrastructure, and you focus on your sales.

Faster page loading
According to the Aberdeen Group, page load delays can cost an eCommerce website as much as $117 million in sales per year[1]. Host with SPCM Network and make sure your site loads quickly year-round—even during your busy season.[1]The Aberdeen Group. “The Performance of Web Applications: Customers are Won or Lost in One Second.” November 30, 2008.

Maximize Uptime
Don’t disappoint your customers! Host your eCommerce store on a resilient platform. When your online store loads reliably, your visitors become loyal customers. Conversion rates improve, increasing your revenues. When you choose SPCM Network Services, we offer a 100% Production Platform Uptime Guarantee and a maximum 5-minute notification time for monitoring alerts.

Backed by Genuine Support
SPCM Network offers all of its customers industry-leading SLAs, meaning our clients get rapid response to critical issues, guaranteed 100% network and infrastructure uptime, as well as 1-hour hardware replacement. And with an additional, more aggressive service level available, you can decide how much of the routine monitoring and maintenance you want to perform.