Helpdesk Support

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Our technical support services are provided through helpdesk.  Tier 1 administrators are ready, willing and able to assist your customers with their tech troubles so you can stay focused on your own endeavors.  SP.CM will be your first support responder which means we will monitor your helpdesk to offer prompt support and resolution.

Our monitoring systems will check your helpdesk every 5 minutes for new requests.  Technicians are dispatched immediately for pending support requests to begin the support process.  We then login directly to your helpdesk, which ensures support is fully branded.


Helpdesk Support Pricing

Ticket Block

Base Rate


$4.00 per ticket, $4.25 per ticket for overage

500 tickets +

Please call for pricing


What is Help Desk Support?

Help desk support is one of the most popular types of support provided by hosting companies. Most provide three options, which include phone, online chat and helpdesk support. Some clients prefer to pick up the phone and actually talk to a live person, while others just want to open a support ticket to ask their questions. With help desk support, your clients will gain easy access to your support team.


Why is Helpdesk Support Vital to your Business?

Unsupported clients are unhappy clients.  Helpdesk support will provide you with a competitive edge by ensuring a timely, professional and personalized experience.

Hosting companies are very uniform; they have most of the same offerings as each other and provide specialized support in efforts to stand out from the crowd.  SP.CM Network provides ideal support for your hosting company with technical engineering expertise at affordable rates.


Does a Branded Help Desk Make a Difference?

Your customer doesn’t want to see third-party communication in response to their problems, we’ve taken that into consideration.  Helpdesk support can be branded with your own company name to keep the experience for your customer consistent.

Setting up an in-house support team is costly and demands time and attention.  With our team of experts providing support on your behalf the customer will be taken care of and your company will be the hero.  Support will be branded with your company name.


Experienced and Reliable Help Desk Support

SP.CM Network is a tried and proven outsource help desk support solution that provides you with a full team of knowledgeable Server Administrators.  Our highly trained Server Administrators have years of experience in web hosting and we specialize in Cpanel, WHMCS, Kayako, Plesk, Ubersmith, and all flavors of Linux.

We focus our efforts on providing the best possible outsourced support solution to your clients under your brand to ensure professionalism.  Please contact us today to speak with one of our highly trained Account Managers.