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Several years after his identity was hacked by traumatic brain injury, Joshua Puckett has reconnected with his own form of expression.  His paintings are deep and dark, reflecting his journey through hell.  Like any meaningful artwork, his will tell a story without words and leave you in awe.  That is a guarantee.

Needed to put down the guitar and paint. That is where my mind finally calms and drifts away best. This is called, “Mirror, Mirror. Mirror, Moon.” The pages forming my rays/halo are the actual pages from the very first entry I made the morning after I quit drinking. The mirror part because even though my injury and damage is on the left, the mirror shows me the right. The moon has somehow become my single greatest confidant. Feeling it as if it were a friend, especially at a time when I had none, it pulled away, and still pulls away the dark shadowed, broken parts of me. Written are words from me to someone I look to for guidance.

Mirror, Mirror.  Mirror, Moon.




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TBI and I

 Life After TBI – Let’s Find it Together


Joshua Puckett, a young man with an abuse-riddled childhood has survived a traumatic brain injury.  Despite the glaring confusion and (often) utter hopelessness that accompanies such a medical anomaly as a head injury and other conditions such as Tourette’s syndrome, Joshua is a statistic beater.
He has taken his unique, drastic experiences and processed them through his altered mind to produce art and music for all to enjoy.  Joshua’s life mission is to use his creativity to encourage other to build upon their new life with confidence and wisdom.

In his videos Joshua puts a raw voice to the struggles we all face with a heavy dose of reality.  That reality being life is what you make it.

Facebook fostered his wishes to start a community.  With regards to a group he created on Facebook here is what one participant had to say:

My understanding is that this group fosters and encourages Freedom. I love that intention. As I look at the intro video, this thought came to me to share.
“Nothing is good or bad. It’s just information.”
– From a music teacher I had

As posts materialize, I will view them as neither good or bad. But as I process the information, I will learn. And for that, I say Thank You!


If any of this resonates with you do check out and contribute to this growing community, TBI and I.

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The Power of a Dog

Canine companions can be put through training programs to be certified as therapy dogs.  How much of that training program is teaching the owners to let the dogs true instincts shine, not talking hunting instincts here. The mother of an autistic boy was drawn into the story of a pup that was neglected, starving, left for dead.  She sent love and prayers from the depths of her being directly to this slowly recovering pit bull pup. The other two family dogs were barely acknowledged by the son who was withdrawn mostly with bouts of aggression. The mom brought the dog home when it was strong enough.  An immediate bond formed between the earlier desolate boy and the pooch. She says they have spent so much money on therapy and counselling… (the list goes on) and none of those came close to being as progressive as this four-legged spirit. Enjoy!

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Holistic Validation

Deepak Chopra, spiritual leader, breaks down healing power from within.  This is what the pharmaceutical companies  don’t want you to see.


Towards the end of this presentation Deepak suggests that our state of mind can be the source for miraculous improvements to our quality of life.

Almost sounds too airy-fairy to be true.  Here is a true story that I believe validates this validation:

A friendly, hard working, happy-go-lucky, take life as it comes, seventy year old man had a medical episode one day, unexplained pain around his neck, tests were run and so on.  He carried on.

Almost a month later his good lung collapsed.  The other one had ominous spots on it.  He was going to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks for observation but the lung started regenerating on its own so he was in for less than a week.

He found out the discolored parts of his lung were not from his sixty years of smoking but from having worked underground in a mine.  A specialist is now eager to fix the problem.

Around that same time he learned that the earlier episode had been a blood clot dissolving before it got to his brain.

A short time after that he was called in for heart surgery, his arteries were 85% blocked.  The morning of the surgery came and the specialist places a hand on his shoulder and tells him his lungs aren’t strong enough but the surgery was imperative.  With obvious sadness and regret the doctor was being genuine in his desire to want to help but was resigned to the knowledge that this would be the last earthly conversation he had with the man.

The man didn’t express any doubt or fear but instead said, I trust you, do what you’ve got to do.  And with that the slicing and dicing began…

Now that his arteries are cleared the rest of his body is responding and the once crippling fibromyalgia is nearly not a bother at all anymore.

If he didn’t have such strength of will the blood clot might not have dissolved and this post would be much shorter.  The point I’m making here is this:

If you accept that in life which cannot be changed you have, by virtue of acceptance, already changed it.

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